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What Theologians Have Written About Exodus 20:15
The Philosophy of Property
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The 20:15 Project

Preserving property rights for the love of God and man.

"Thou Shalt Not Steal."  Exodus 20:15

One could not help wondering, after observing the goals of modern religious community-service organizations, if private property rights were not a political innovation that is at odds with the teachings of all major religious groups.
But in fact, the Old Testament (or the Torah), which lies at the foundation of the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim religions, establishes the principle of the sanctity of private property long before it ever enjoins generosity, mercy, or love for fellow men.
Respect for private property not only lies at the foundation of the world's major religions, but it is a necessity for civilization.  But the actions of both private individuals, organizations, and governments threaten this basic human right -- the right out of which all other human rights necessarily flow.
The 20:15 Project is a community-service organization established to preserve sanctity of private property through legal action, the authorship of scholarly articles, as well as mediation and other forms of intervention.  Underlying all of the activities of The 20:15 Project is a realization of the importance -- not just of private property -- but of private property rights.
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To learn how to fight abusive and unconstitutional takings, see this book.

Abuse Of Power: How The Government Misuses Eminent Domain

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Before "Love thy neighbor as thyself" was "Thou shalt not steal."  Protect private property rights by donating to, volunteering for, or contacting The 20:15 Project.

Mission Statement

To guard the private property rights of fellow men through legal, academic, and personal support, and to do so out of love for God and man.

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